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14 Jun
How to Create A Product Guide

Posted by: Ryan Lange | Product Design

How to Create a Product: From Idea To Tangible Reality

Learning how to create a product is no easy task. Overwhelming yourself with the totality of a project could lead to some serious stress and procrastination. Ask any entrepreneur or ecommerce business about there journey to a shelf-ready product, it is often a bumpy ride. The beauty about product development is you do not need […]

17 Mar
Lean Product Development

Posted by: Ryan Lange | Guides,Product Design

Lean Product Development & How to Use It.

Lean product development is a process of product development that began with the intention to reduce waste (material/time) and increase productivity. Thus, the company would see higher profits and the customer would benefit from greater value. Toyota was the first company to utilize this process. In 2000 they launched 14 new products, which was a […]

15 Mar
Product Design process. How to design a product

Posted by: Ryan Lange | Guides,Product Design

Product Design Process: How to do it

You have a product idea that you believe can change the habits of a customer and innovate on how a certain task is performed. Having that idea created into a tangible unit that is sold on the shelves takes a lot of time, brainstorming, effort, testing, experience, and patience. These tasks make up the macro […]