[ per-sis-tuhnt ]

persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.; persevering:

Creating a product is an intimidating process. The totality of developing and launching an idea on your own can be discouraging. We utilize the best tools and leverage our network of relationships to demand respect from all whom we work with.

Combining our experience and determination, our job is to walk side-by-side with you carving the path to success. Our name says it all. No matter the circumstance, we “press on,” in all that we do.

Getting your idea made into reality shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Many design companies will change you tens-of-thousands-of-dollars. Persistent Design & Marketing was founded by a group of individuals that had this exact problem. Young, aspiring entrepreneurs with incubating thoughts and not a big bank account. There had to be better ways. 

We believe everyone who possesses grit, drive, and determination to make their idea to come to life should be given a shot.


If you study successful brands, they don’t solely rely on companies like us to do all of the work. They hire firms for the education they provide. Successful brand owners will study, analyze, understand, and watch what we do for them. Then they develop their own process and save costs by doing it on their own. 

We don’t want to keep you under contract for the lifetime of your business, we want to give you the knowledge and experience so that you can have higher margins.

You’re not buying our services, you’re paying your tuition.