Content Creation Marketing

What is content?

Content is a very broad term. This can mean product photography, a blog post, or set-up video for an item. You can think of content of anything that is consumable by consumers. People are on their devices all day consuming content, what of yours are they consuming?

Content creation is very important especially if you are targeting young individuals who are constantly on their phone or computer. Content can be very advantageous for a business. If you find TikTok to be where your audience is, then create TikToks. If your target demographic is moms who like to cook, then you content should probably incorporate blog posts answering cooking questions.




Why your business needs to create content:

Why us?

We know a thing or two about content creation since we’ve been doing it for a combined 30+ years. At Persistent, we don’t just make a video and see if it sticks, our strategy consists of finding out the questions your customers are asking, and creating comprehensive videos that will answer their questions quickly.