website development

What is Website development?

Website development is self-explanatory. It is the creation of a website. While most people can log-in to Wix and create a website in minutes, not many know what goes into a beautifully designed and well-optimized domain.

A good web developer will first grasp an understanding of your audience and brand tone. This will play a  role into the front-end style of the site. Secondly, a good developer will ensure that load speeds are optimal for SEO. Additionally, the entire site map should not lead to any unfound pages.

If your brand sells product online, a good web developer would  incorporate many plug-ins and post check-out upselling tools to increase revenue. 

On the opposite spectrum, if you brand is a local business. We would be sure to add a multitude of tactics to encourage people to come in and visit the shop.


Why you need well designed website:

Why us?

At Persistent, we know a thing or two about website building because we’ve built more than a few. With our digital creation efforts spanning over many industries we have figured out what has works and what doesn’t work to ensure your money is put into action where it will create more money.

We do not stop with the basic website build, we will continue our efforts until you are happy. In addition to that, we will stay with you to ensure that your website is consistently out performing your competitors.