When it comes to the overseas manufacturing process, factory management oversight is everything. A pallet full of defective products will be detrimental to your operation. Who will be there to enforce the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) standards? Who will make sure a zipper is zipping correctly, or the manufacturer produces with the same material they used in the final prototype? Persistent D&M Factory Representatives are on the ground to ensure the manufacturer meets AQL standards. 

Companies that experience high defective product rates can expect to have low ratings on Amazon, Reddit, and other platforms. We understand that minimizing mistakes is paramount to running a profitable business. That’s why we check your production not once, but numerous times to ensure that the defective product ratio is kept to a minimum. 

Lean Product Development

When sourcing the right manufacturer for full-line production we select the factory that is in your best interest. We negotiate on your behalf for better deals on lower Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) if necessary and tailor production to set you up for efficiency and success.