Does you manufacture have legitimate export data? What other products have they created in this realm? How long have they been in business? Do they have Intertek or SGS testing certifications? These are all the questions that must be asked in order for the manufacture to know that we are not messing around.   


On numerous occasions we have seen manufactures say they have their own giant factory. Sometimes they are speaking the truth, but more often than not they are posing as a factory manager only to be middle-manning between you and an actual factory. In result, you pay more and have a larger margin of error. 

Sure, anyone can lookup a manufacture in China or Bangladesh, but few have built long-lasting personal relationships with manufactures over the years. Manufacturing with Persistent means you have access to our network of reliable manufactures across all disciplines of production. 

When sourcing the right manufacture for full line production we pick the factory that is in your best interest. Maybe you don’t have the capital for 1000 units. Some factories give better deals on lower Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ). While other factories are known for their low defective unit ratio. We don’t just pick a factory to do the work, we tailor production to set you up for efficiency and success.