pricing & FAQ

What does product development and marketing entail?

Product design, sourcing a manufacture, and overseeing the production run to delivery are the steps we follow to satisfy our clients. Each one of those steps has their own processes and procedures to complete successfully.

Our team consists of sketching artists, graphic designers, 3d Model technicians, a sourcing manager, manufacture liaison, product delivery coordinator, web developer & copywriter, ads manager, and creative director. There are so many holes that must be filled when building a product and launching a brand.

You can see that this process can not be done alone. By working with Persistent, you add efficiency, clarity, and an intelligent group of motivated individuals to you side of the business world.  

How long will it take?

Developing a product is certainly a process never to be rushed. It is a group effort that starts with day-to-day brainstorming and finishes to strategically avoid certain holidays that may cause a delay.

There is no easy answer. You may have a perfect idea of your product and have not trouble translating your vision. This will expedite the process. We may have to change an injection mold design 3-4 times to finally get it to operate correctly. This will delay the process. To give you a rough estimate, from the time we have our initial phone conversation, to the time you get to open your first pallet of product delivered to your fulfillment center, is 8-14 months. Once we have placed an order and our manufacture has experienced producing our product, reoccurring inventory orders will only take 40-80 days.


What’s the price to develop my product?

Developing your product is exhilarating and fulfilling. Once you finally get to grasp your idea in your hands, you feel like you could create anything. When your product is designed with aesthetic appeal efficiently and correctly, major benefits to your business or brand are likely to follow. Furthermore, when that amazing product is marketed and branded to the right individual often your business will experience success. We must admit that this is easier said than done, but nothing is impossible with a little bit of creativity and persistence.

Our email inbox is commonly full of, “how much will ____ product cost to make?” type questions. Unfortunately, we cannot answer these questions right away. Building an innovative product and marketing it strategically is an intricate process. Each product idea deserves thorough thought into what is needed to get the job done. Not all products need injection molding, while some may need four iterations until we know we will get anywhere near a final design. We are happy to have a phone  consultation to understand the scope of worked needed to get the job done. After our discussion, we will return a design and/or marketing quote that presents to you what it would take to realistically bring you product to market.

The possibility exists that you may already have a 3D design of your product. Maybe you already know how to run Facebook ads and build on-page SEO. This is great, you are saving costs and utilizing your own skills. We encourage this mentality. Therefore, our proposals will include a cost breakdown of each service provided. From sketches to pre-production samples, you will have almost an exact estimate in what capital expenditure you will need to be ready for.

There is a lot that goes into product development, but our years of experience getting the job done can let you rest assured that we are making your dream into a reality in your best interest. Honesty, transparency, and persistence are the values that have led us to success in the past, and they haven’t failed us yet.

Below you will find a rough cost estimate for our services:

Design: $6,000 – $35,000

Sourcing and Manufacturing: This is a case-by-case scenario. Usually we a charge a small percentage of the production cost. With more frequent customers, we offer a quarterly fee for sourcing and production oversight

Many manufactures understand that start-ups do not have the capital to purchase a large amount of inventory. They are aware of the upside they can realize once a company grows. It is to be expected that your first purchase order of soft goods or other easily assembled products will have a price tag of ~$12,000 to ~$15,000. A more complex design that takes more labor to assemble may cost anywhere from ~$40,000 to ~$100,000.

We know the feeling obtained from developing an idea into a tangible reality. We want others to experience that same emotion and business success. It is our duty to utilize our skills and experience to make that happen. All it will take is a little bit of Persistence.