We offer a turnkey product creation solution. From the initial sketch, to full line production, to importing your product and marketing it to the masses. Not only do we take on your project with a full head of steam, but we become fully invested in making your idea into a tangible reality. We will take on your project regardless of where you are in the process. If you are in the market for a intricate injection-mold prototype, need help with overseas manufacturing of your apparel line, or looking for someone to build your website and run ads for your innovative product, we will get it done with persistence.

If product development was easy, everyone would do it.

You have an innovative product idea that has been unseen on the market before. Need help getting it made? Perfect, we have product designers with experience in industries across the board who well help you extract that daydream thought out of your mind and into a technical mock-up.

Manufacturing with Persistent means you have access to our network of reliable manufactures across all disciplines of production. Sure, anyone can lookup a manufacture in China or Bangladesh, but few have built long-lasting personal relationships with manufactures over the years. 

Even with the greatest manufacture money can buy, you still must have oversight during the production run. We have a team in the main manufacturing countries that go to the factory multiple times throughout the production timeline to ensure the factory is living up to their word.

The best products deserve the best marketing.

Your logo is the first impression your company needs to represent who you are. We believe a logo is much more than just a label. A logo should involve symbolism of your core values, and generate a distinct identity for your brand. For a logo to succeed it must attract and resonate with your target audience. Our designers will add the perfect mix of fonts, colors and aesthetic graphical elements to create a beautiful logo.

In order to catch the eye of your audience you will need captivating custom packaging and branding material. From box design to business cards, we will generate remarkable print designs that will epitomize your brands tone, aesthetic, and mission all in one.

Anyone can put a product for sale on a website, but not everyone can be a recognizable and loved brand. Most companies fail at communicating a clear message to the consumer, which in turns fails to have the customer commit to a purchase. You have the why, how, and what inside you, It’s our job to package up your thoughts and bring it to your graphics, website, ads, and other media.

95% of a users first impression of a brand is the web design and layout. If the customer does not have a easy time navigating to the checkout page, you are significantly hurting the chance of a conversion. With that being said, it is easy to comprehend why your website must be quickly navigable and delightfully appeasing.

To become a company that lasts, you must rules the first 3 pages in organic search for keywords that depict your companies product/service.  Google and other search engines rely on more than 200 factors to determine the ranking or position of a website in search results. While building SEO is a slow-grind of process, but a necessity for a profitable business.

Social media advertising has consumed a large portion of many companies marketing budgets at an exponential level in the past few years. Understanding how and when to reach your target audience and with what type of creative will be the demise of how much you spend to obtain a customer.